Amazing trip to Flordia.

Hello everyone,

So last month in June me and my family took a trip to Florida to visit one of my best friends Rose.

My friend Rose was planning a trip to Florida from the UK and I hadn’t seen her since I moved last August. So when I found out that we could go and see her I was thrilled with joy as I have missed her so much and I can say it was worth it! We had the best time ever so I thought I would share with you all what we got up to the days I was there.

Thursday, June 22nd, we left in the morning for our flight to Orlando Florida. We had to take 2 plane flights the first one to Detriot and then to Orlando which I didn’t mind as I love flying. We arrived in Florida at about 6 in the evening, however, had hotel problems so by the time everything was sorted and we had eaten dinner, it was already 10 at night and we had an early start on the Friday morning so we both agreed to meet then.

Friday, June 23rd came and I was itching to see her! So early in the morning, I got ready for the day as we were going to Volcano Bay together which was the new water park at Universal which can I add was amazing!! We drove over to their hotel and we both ran up to each other and it felt like we never even been apart! Me and Rose have been friends for over 10 years now and seeing her was the best thing. We then headed off to Volcano Bay for the day where we had the best day of water rides, catch up and friend time. It was awesome.

Saturday, June 24th we decided to start the morning off with some shopping so we headed to the local mall where we shopped till we dropped, had lunch and spent most of the day there! After that, we had a chilled afternoon of catching up and going out for a meal down at Universal.

Sunday, June 25th we went to Islands Of Adventure which was amazing! The rides there were so much fun we spent the entire day there riding as many rides as we could! I’m pretty sure we went on all of them 🙂 We also went out to eat at Universal as well which was so nice.

Monday, June 26th was my last day in Orlando so we spent it at Universal Studios which again was amazing. We went on every single ride and had the best time!

This trip was just incredible, filled with laughs and joy. I had such an amazing time and I am so thankful to my awesome family!

Charlotte Norris Xx


5 thoughts on “Amazing trip to Flordia.

  1. Sarah Norris

    You are so welcome you are the best daughter a mother could ask for and i will never forget the way you and Rosie were together it was wonderful to see. I will also never forget your dad laughing on the Simpson ride and of course his first roller coaster the mummy what fun. Love always. Mum xx

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