ABT summer intensive 2017.

Hello everyone,

So I haven’t made a blog post since last month as I spend nearly the whole of July in Alabama at abt and wanted to share with you how much of an amazing experience I had while I was there.

On Saturday, I got back from an incredible 3 weeks at American Ballet Theatre summer intensive in Alabama. I can’t put into words how much of an amazing experience I had while being there.  I thought I would do this blog post to talk about my experience and some of the things I got up to while being there!


So firstly I will talk about all of the different classes we had. Every day we would have a ballet technique class in the morning, which included barre and center work full of different combinations each day and this was one of my favourite parts as the information and corrections received to help me improve were amazing and I was so fortunate to be taught by such a great faculty. After technique, we would have pointe class which also included barre and center work which again was the best thing I needed to help me improve. Then in the afternoon, we would have 2 more classes which ranged from loads of different things. Most days we would have rep which was our show work for the end performance which can I add was so much fun! We performed the fan dance from La bayadere which is now one of my favourites. Other classes we had were jazz, modern, character, stretch, pilates, pas de deux, nutrition, mime, variation, technique class of pirouettes or petit allegro and stage makeup. Also, all of our ballet classes had a live pianist which was the most amazing thing, ahh I loved it so much! All of these classes were amazing, and I am so greatful for everything I have learnt and taken on board while being there.


The faculty at the intensive were amazing! The faculty included:

  • Carla Stallings Lippert (Artistic Coordinator)
  • Susan Brooker
  • Melissa Hale Coyle
  • Mikhail Ilyin
  • Orlando Molina
  • Christine Spizzo-Serrano

Every single faculty member taught me so many things that I will carry with me throughout my dancing career.

Daily schedule

I thought it would be a good idea to give you all a daily schedule to get an insight into how the day usually went.

Monday to Friday:

I would usually wake up 6:00-6:30 and get ready then go to breakfast at 7 which was only a five-minute walk to the dining hall. After breakfast, we would go back to the dorms where we would get with our groups ready to either walk to the studio or take the bus. Sometimes we would take class on stage which was something I loved doing! Morning class, which was technique, would always start at 9:00 till 10:45 then 10:45 till 11:45 we would have pointe class. We would then go for lunch which was 12:00 to 1:30 but we would usually meet at 1 depending on which studio or stage we spent the afternoon in. Then we would have 2 classes in the afternoon starting at 1:45 to 3:15 then 3:30 to 5 which ranged from any on the list above. The dinner would be 5:00 to 6:15 and then activities in the dorms started at 7:00 till usually about 8:00 as we would have floor meetings every day at 8:30 to get all the information we needed for the next day! The activities were always optional but we did them most of the time as they were always so much fun!


On Saturdays we never had ballet but we had 2 classes for the day! I would be able to sleep in till about 7:30 ish and went for breakfast at 8. Then 9:00 till 10:15 we would have class consisting of any from the list above (apart from the ballet). Then 11:00 til 2:30 we would have one more class, with lunch in between! We then had the rest of the afternoon to relax, go out etc!


Rest day!

My experience and thoughts

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post! I sadly couldn’t talk about everything as we would be here a while. This experience taught me how much joy ballet brings me and how much I want to be a dancer one day. I am so thankful to my incredible family for letting me have that opportunity. I made so many great friendships while being there, it was an opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you very much for reading,

Charlotte Norris Xx

P.s if you would like to see more pictures head over to my Instagram linked below!




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