Getting corrections during ballet.

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re having a lovely day! Today I want to focus on corrections during ballet class. I did touch on this subject in my 5 things ballet has taught me blog post, but I wanted to go into more detail about it! Enjoy! 🙂

When I was younger, if I ever received a correction in ballet class I would think “Oh no i’m the worst dancer, i’m doing so bad why can’t I get this right”. Well, as I have continued my love for ballet, I have realised how much of a good thing it is getting corrections and that they definitely are not a bad thing.

Accepting the correction

You may be thinking that when your ballet teacher gives you a correction, you are doing really bad and may not accept it. Well when they do give you a correction, think to yourself “this is how i’m going to get better” and it is. You take the correction on board, practise and practise it until you can figure out what you need to do to get the step right. One thing I find helpful to do, is to write down any corrections in a notebook or on your phone after ballet class and then practise them at home so you can get it into your muscle memory.


When you fully understand the correction, keep practising! The only way you are going to improve is to keep on practising until you have got it! Some things will take longer than others to perfect, but that’s perfectly fine! This is how you are going to get it into your muscle memory, and you will later think “oh I can do it!”.

It’s a compliment

Getting a correction is a compliment! As the picture above says, your teacher sees great potential in you. They are looking at you dancing, and want to make you the best dancer you can be. So when receiving a correction, do take it as a compliment, and thank them for it.

Well there we have it! I really hope you enjoyed this blog post and that it has helped you in receiving corrections. Have a lovely weekend,

Charlotte Norris Xx



5 thoughts on “Getting corrections during ballet.

  1. Veronica M.

    This post is so true! I’ve never taken ballet, but when I was taking tap dance classes a couple years ago, and was corrected during class time, I always felt so embarrassed and never realized my dance teacher was simply helping me improve my technique. Lovely post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the like on my blog!❤ I really enjoyed this post. I have class later on tonight and I get absolutely nervoud whenever my teacher corrects me! This post really helped, thank you!


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