Shop around for your dance wear. 

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to talk to you about shopping around for dancewear. I’m the type of person that goes to thrift stores searching the shelves for any type of dancewear items as dance clothes can be super expensive!

Me and my mum will always pop out to all the thrift stores by where I live searching for dance wear. I always find if you look really closely then you can pick up some great bits!! 

For example, I have my summer intensive coming up in July, and I’m trying to get all the things that I need i.e more leotards and tights as these can cost so much to buy off regular dance websites. Over the past couple months, me and my mum have found capezio and body wrappers ballet tights both in my size and brand new in the packaging! We even found 2 pairs of capezio ballet tights in my size for only $1.99 which you can usually pay $15 for! And today we found another pair of tights by body wrappers and they only charged us $0.25 which you can also pay $15 for!! I was so happy!! And the great thing is they had never even been worn! For leotards, I always find it’s a lot harder to find these than tights. Me and my mum popped into a thrift store not too far from us just to see what we could find. I first went straight to the swimwear section as they usually put leotards there. Sadly there wasn’t any but my mum said to check the kids section and there I found 2 black leotards both in my size in great condition! I was so pleased when I saw them and they were only $2.99 each! It was such a bargain especially as buying them offline can be pricey. I also found another really nice ballet wrap cardigan which shows if you really look you can find some great stuff.

All in all, I am still on the hunt for more ballet things but if you have a really good look then most of the time you can find the things you want! One reason why I love thrift stores is you can pick up all your Ballet gear, new, for great prices! 

Thank you so much for reading, let me know if you find any great bargains:)

Charlotte Norris Xx


8 thoughts on “Shop around for your dance wear. 

  1. Oh, haha! I never shop at the “thrift” stores. I always shop at Capezio, which makes it REALLY pricey! Last year I didn’t grow that much, so I only had to buy some new tights and a new pair of ballet shoes — that was good. 😛 And I’m glad you found tights and leotards for a low price! Have fun at your intensive. 🙂

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  2. This is great! Here I. The uk, we call them charity shops, but you’re right, there are some great finds to be had! I wrote a post similar about my top 5 high street dancewaer finds, as dance brands can be so expensive!

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  3. I love this!! I always go to thrift stores. I always find great tops and sweaters for pennies, unworn and with tags on, many of the times. I didn’t know you could find dance clothes in a thrift store. I’m happy that you have found good stuff lately and saved big bucks!! xx

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