Birthday celebrations.

Hello everyone!

So on April 7th I turned 17! I still can’t quite believe it however I still feel like a little kid haha 🙂 but I did have a lovely day! As my birthday was on a Friday, I did have to go to school but it was really nice to see all my friends! And after school I got to spend time with my lovely mum, dad and nan who has came from England for 2 weeks so that was so nice. I honestly had such a lovely birthday with my wonderful family who made it so special. 

Then at the weekend the celebrations continued...

On Saturday we got up early to show my nan round more of Memphis. It was so lovely to look around and take my nan to the lovely Peabody Hotel which is gorgeous! 

Then after that we went to see The Wizard Of Oz by Ballet Memphis! Oh my it was fabulous. The costumes were gorgeous and you could see all of the glitter glistening off Glindas (the fairies) costumes. The set worked really well and I thought the tin man, scarecrow and lion were fabulous! They played roles so well and of course Dorothy was amazing, and she also had red pointe shoes on which I really want haha 🙂 finally the witch, who is one of my ballet teachers, played the character so well. I loved the way she creeped around the stage in her black pointe shoes, and the costume was divine.

Then on Saturday night we went out for a birthday meal at Longhorn Steakhouse and it was delicious! I had a grilled parmesan chicken which is my favourite:) So it was really nice to spend time with my family!

On Sunday was the last day of celebrations, so we went to Memphis Zoo and it was fab! I honestly have never been to such a great zoo! I saw my favourite animal a sloth (there was actually 2 of them) and it was the cutest thing ever I just love them. Then we actually saw a panda which was on my nans wishlist so she was super happy but oh my it was incredible! They are such beautiful animals. But the zoo is so big and they have such amazing animals there, so if you ever get the chance to go I definitely would as it was incredible.

But overall I had such a fantastic birthday weekend and I can’t thank my family enough for making it so special 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this blog post,

Charlotte Norris Xx



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