Ballet focus: stretched knees. 

Hello everyone!

Each week in ballet we look at different areas to focus on to keep improving! This week it’s all about stretching your knees. This is SO important within ballet, so I thought I would write this post to go into more detail 🙂


Firstly injury! Without keeping your legs and knees stretched you are most prone to have an injury. For example, within pointe work, if your knees are not stretched this makes your ankle ‘flop’ around which makes you more prone to twisting it or anything else. It can also helps for your future dancing, as you can develop all sorts of things if you don’t keep your knees stretched.


So if your knees aren’t stretched, the appearance of your dancing is definitely not as flattering as it would be with stretched knees. You could be on pointe and have beautiful feet, but your knees may not be stretched which doesn’t look as graceful as Ballet should look. However, this obviously doesn’t apply to a certain ballet move you are doing that needs to have bent knees for.


Keeping your knees stretched will help so much! It can help you with your pointe work to having stronger ankles and also to jumping higher. It’s great as it improves your muscle physique so we can all hope to have great looking muscles like Misty Copeland one day!


Below I have two different pictures to show the difference between stretched and not stretched knees. It’s great to just look in the mirror to see but also to feel what they should feel like stretched. Just keep tightening the muscles and lifting up to grow taller to give you more muscle definition and straight legs and knees!

Untitled collageI really hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to comment,

Charlotte Norris Xx


10 thoughts on “Ballet focus: stretched knees. 

  1. I am very happy that I discovered your blog. It takes me back to my youth. My ballet days.

    I quit serious ballet (8 classes per week ballet) at 16, but I did take occasional classes in my 20s and then some ball room classes in my 30s. I’m 45 now and woefully out of shape. That wasn’t the case 6 years ago, but that is a very long story. The nice things that I have kept even into my middle age are my leg muscles, my poise, and my general love for dance and music. I may tire out much quicker than in the past, but I can still “trip the light fantastic” – LOL!

    If I could go back and do things over again, I would have continued taking dance classes up to today. Maybe not 8 classes per week, but at least once or twice per week.

    I look forward to reading your posts.

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  2. Nice points, here! So often in class we get the “what” but not the “why,” and it’s nice to see the “why” laid out so clearly here.

    Also, totally related to the point about injury. Any time I’m feeling wobbly in a balance, the first thing I ask myself is, “Are my knees stretched and pulled up?” 99% of the time, the answer is, “No,” so I pull them up, et voila–smooth sailing!

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