Hello everyone, 

On the 25th of march 2017, I went to see riverdance!

As you may know I did riverdance for about 6 years and love it! So when I knew they were coming to my local theatre I just had to go. However me and my mum never got round to purchasing the tickets. On Thursday night my mum surprised me and said that her friend at work, Krystal, her husband had brought her, me and my mum tickets to go and see it! I was so happy and can say that is was a fabulous show!! So I thought I would go into more detail about different things. Enjoy! 🙂 


As you can imagine, the dancers are amazing! Their foot work is so fast you just sit there in ore of everything they do! Each and every single one of them was in time throughout the whole thing and there was not a single mistake. I also loved how they would all cheer each other on and you could see how much they were enjoying preforming from the facial expressions I loved it!!


The set was also awesome! They had a backdrop of different scenes such as the sky, moon, stars etc. They also had steps at the back of the stage that the dancers came off and on from. For the music, they had a man who would play so many instruments! He would be playing the drums one minute then be doing  a completely different instrument the next! You also had 3 ladies who played different instruments too and they were also fantastic.


The costumes were gorgeous! As riverdance involves a lot of singing, the main lady had this gorgeous long dress on that looked so lovely. They of course had the traditional riverdance dresses on but the colours were amazing! My favourite was a baby blue dress with a sort of floral top part! 


Quick story! We went out for a meal before this, and there was 2 ladies sitting next to us, one was putting makeup on and I didn’t really think anything of it. Turns out they were both in the show! Who would have thought 😃

Overall, it was a great show and if you ever get chance to see it definitely do! Thank you very much for reading,
Charlotte Norris Xx


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