Ballet inspirations.

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you ballerinas who are my inspirations. There’s so many amazing professional ballet dancers around the world I wanted to share some of them with you. I also hope you like the little video of each of the dancers in action! Enjoy 🙂

Darcey bussell


Darcey is a retired Principal Ballet Dancer with the Royal Ballet, London. Darcey was one of the first ballerinas I looked up to when I was younger, and have always dreamed that I could be like her one day. Now still to this day, she is still one of ballet inspirations.

Misty Copeland


Misty is a Principal Ballet Dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. Misty is the first African American Female Principal Dancer with ABT and is such an inspiration. She started ballet at the age of 13 and shows the world how you can achieve your dreams no matter what.

Lauren Lovette

download (1)

Lauren is a Principal Dancer with New York City Ballet. I discovered Lauren on instagram ages ago and fell in love with her posts and her dancing. She is such an amazing ballerina her dancing is just flawless.

Maria Kochetkova


Maria is a Russian ballet dancer who is Principal with both American Ballet Theatre and San Francisco Ballet. Maria is such an incredible dancer who is principal with 2 ballet companies. She shows how hard work and determination can pay off.

Dusty Button


Dusty is Principal Dancer with Boston Ballet. Dusty is such an incredible dancer whose technique is flawless and she’s amazing at contemporary dancing too!

Marianela Núñez


Marianela is Principal Dancer with Royal Ballet, London. I discovered Marianela also on instagram while watching a video of her dancing and she is just incredible! You can see the energy and enjoyment put into the performance she’s amazing.


There we have it, some of my ballet inspirations. They are all incredible ballerinas who I look up to so much and they all dance just exquisitely. Thank you very much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed and let me know in the comments if you know any of these ballerinas 🙂

Charlotte Norris Xx


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