Selection of ballet photos. 

Hello everyone!

I want to start by saying thank you so much for 50 followers and the people who are subscribed through email too! It means the world that people are enjoying reading my blog and also all of the kind comments that you all leave! I have had so many views and I can’t thank you enough! Also thank you very much for liking my post too!! 🙂

For today’s blog post I wanted to put together a selection of ballet pictures of me so you can all have a look at some different images I have taken over the past months! Enjoy! 🙂

Arabesque on pointe!
I actually did not know this photo was being taken at the time! I was just posing haha.
Dancing around in the studio. 
My pointe shoes which are Bloch Heritage. 
This was taken in pointe class the end of last year in parent observation week.
Again just dancing around:).
This photo I took on world ballet day!
This was a photo from when I filmed my video audition for summer intensives.
This photo is of me and my friend Mirielle! She has just created a blog so check it out!

So that’s a few pictures I wanted to share with you! Let me know which ones are your favourite 🙂 thank you so much for reading,

Charlotte Norris Xx


33 thoughts on “Selection of ballet photos. 

  1. These are ALL so lovely Charlotte! I would choose the Arabesque if you insisted I had to pick just one. There is just something about your smile in that one…it’s as if you can feel the PURE JOY within you from the tip of your extended fingers to the tip of your pointed toe!! Hugs to you for taking the time to share your joy with all your followers!!!

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  2. Omg these are all SO SO GORGEOUS!!! I am super jealous of how much you can point your toes. XD I’m not on pointe, but I wish I was because it’s so cool! I also have a horrible point, but I’m working on that! 😛 Beautiful, beautiful photos, Charlotte! 😀

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  3. =) Congrats on hitting a milestone with your followers! These photos are beautiful, I always admired the art of ballet! Such an elegant form of exercise and art. I wish I had the chance to do this when I was younger! Good for you =) wish you all the best with your blog

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