Fruit smoothie recipe.


Hello everyone!

Before ballet the other day I thought I would make a quick smoothie to have on the go and thought it was so yummy I couldn’t not share it with you! It’s a super easy recipe and quick to prepare 🙂

You will need:



  1. Firstly, chop up the banana and strawberries and place them in the blender.
  2. Measure out your milk and pour it in.
  3. Add the yogurt.
  4. Then add the sugar.
  5. Blend until all of the ingredients are mixed together.
  6. Pour into your favourite cup and enjoy!

There you are! A very quick and easy fruit smoothie recipe that tastes super yummy and takes hardly any time! Let me know if you give it a try!

I have also updated my page and added a touch of something I love, floral! I really hope you like the new design as it adds a lovely pop of colour! Again thank you very much for reading,

Charlotte Norris Xx



16 thoughts on “Fruit smoothie recipe.

  1. The recipe looks and sounds delicious! I’m glad I found your blog. I’m both a smoothie fan (and cook) and a ballet enthusiast. I took 8 years of ballet in my youth. Back then all I ever drank was diet Coke. I think a smoothie would have served me much better. I would get so extremely hungry after ballet classes.

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  2. Smoothies are great! Although o try to add some veg in there so there’s not so much acidity and sugars from the fruit. Half an avocado and a handful of spinach. You’ll never know it was in there by taste, but really adds good fats to keep you going for longer and lots of iron x

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