Audition results.    

Hello everyone!

On the 17th of February I got an email to say I was accepted into the American ballet theatres summer intensive! I am honestly still in shock and am so grateful that I get to go on this amazing experience!

How it all started:

I sent my video audition off about the beginning of February, and they said they would get back to me by February 17th. And of course on the 17th the results through. Throughout the day I had no emails and in my head thought that I didn’t get in. It came to 5pm and I still had no email, so was thinking that I definitely didn’t get accepted, but at about 5:30pm the email came through and I was in shock that they accepted me as I just thought it was a no. Not going to lie, did have a little tear in my eye as I was just so shocked and still am!

Abt offers 4 different locations for their summer intensives! The most convenient one for me was Alabama and that’s where I’m going!

If any of you have auditioned for anything then don’t assume you are not in like I did! I mean most of the time they will let you know on the last day and it’s such a relief!

I do want to say though don’t ever be disheartened if you haven’t got into somewhere or was put on a waiting list. I have been put on waiting list for another intensive and thought to myself that I’m not going to get into it etc, however I’m in one now and I’ve grabbed this opportunity with both hands!

I will be doing more blog post about summer intensives so look out for them! Hopefully this is that start of something great, thank you very much for reading 🙂 have a wonderful rest of the weekend,

Charlotte Norris Xx


29 thoughts on “Audition results.    

  1. Dom

    congratulations! A question: do you miss England and Europe? Or is your passion for ballet bigger than any places where you could live, any person you have met? I am just curious. I am sincerely admired by people who have got that great inner passion like you!

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  2. Congratulations on your audition and the fantastic results. Hard work is always rewarded and I can see that this will be an adventure of a lifetime. Best wishes and thank you for visiting my blog ~

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