World ballet day videos. 

Hello everyone! 

I am always browsing through YouTube at different ballet companies around the world taking company class or rehearsing a show. Today I wanted to share with you 3 companies that I recommend you watch on YouTube from world ballet day.

1.San Francisco ballet

San Francisco ballet uploaded their company class and I just love it! They show you barre and centre and you can see of the most   amazing danders. They also give you an insight into their rehearsals which is incredible! It’s just amazing!

2. Houston ballet

Houston ballet also put a video on YouTube of their company class. However, they gave more of an insight into different productions they were working on. You get to see Houston ballet 2 students working on different shows but also the company. You should definitely take a look at it!

3. Royal ballet

The Royal Ballet School have multiple company class videos on YouTube. You can really see each individual dancer (especially as the one I have linked below as they have a camera on principal dancer Steven McRae). They also have lots of videos of rehearsal which you can see on their YouTube channel. Amazing! 

4. Miami city ballet

This is Miami city ballet and I love this video as like the others you can also watch rehearsals of different ballets they are rehearing and get to hear the dancers talk about them too! Brilliant! 

So that’s 4 videos you should definitely look up on YouTube. There is so many incredible ballet companies around the world, I just love seeing them live in action. Have a lovely rest of the week, 

Charlotte Norris Xx


4 thoughts on “World ballet day videos. 

  1. aballetoflife

    Hi Charlotte, nice to connect with another dancer sharing their tales through a blog 🙂 I hope you can find some inspiration and encouragement through my blog that can help you as you progress through your own career. I am sure I will enjoy exploring your blog too xxx Harriet

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