The bodyguard the musical. 

As my mums birthday is just around the corner, I wanted to surprise her as she deserves it. So about a month or two ago I booked tickets for me and mum to go to the theater and watch the bodyguard! Even in England my mum would say how much she wanted to go and watch it, but sadly we never got round to it but when I found out it was coming to my local theater, I couldn’t resist.

I surprised my mum on Saturday morning by writing it in card and taping the tickets to it! I then left it in her room to surprise her, and my mum was definitely surprised!

img_1548The performance was amazing!! From the minute it started you could tell this was a Broadway show. It started with this massive gun shot which scared the life out of me and my mum but defiantly caught our attention, it was hilarious! 

The special effects were so good. Each transition into each scene was so smooth and the way they portrayed the bad guy was brilliant and the lights lit up the whole theater which looked so pretty.

The costumes were fabulous. The dresses would just sparkle whenever they caught the light. My favorite ones were these shimmering red dresses which had tassels all over them and of course her beautiful big, long blue dress she wore at the end. Oh and I couldn’t forget the sparkling shoes!

Now I couldn’t not mention the dancing! Every time she would sing the dancers would come on in fabulous costumes and they were just brilliant! You could see how they were having a great time and I loved how they had men and women! Below are just a few pictures of that I took. 🙂img_1556img_1555

Overall it was a brilliant production. If you ever get the chance to see it I would definitely go as it’s just fabulous!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my insight into the production! Have a lovely day:)

Charlotte Norris Xx


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