Beginners ballet checklist. 

Today I want to share with you a checklist for anyone that is beginning ballet! I want to list things you will need for class, and how to be prepared for your first ballet class!

What to bring/wear:

  1. Clothing

You obviously have to have the right clothing for ballet class. Unless you need a certain colour or style of a leotard then buy a nice leotard but make sure to try it on before buying so that it’s a perfect fit! Then don’t forget yours tights. I go for tights that have holes in the bottom so that I can put my ouch pouches on for pointe but whatever works for you. Also, some dance teachers will allow you to wear skirts etc but always ask to make sure you know.

2. Shoes

So as it’s you first ballet class you probably won’t be on pointe yet so you will obviously need some ballet shoes. I wear the So Danca split soles and I love them, I really recommend having split soles as you will probably find it easier to point your foot! But you can get them in any brand that suits you. 

3. Drink 

You will defiantly need to bring some type of drink to keep hydrated through out your class! If you don’t like water or prefer something with a little more taste get a smoothie or something healthy that will keep you hydrated! 

4. Hair

A bun is an essential part for a ballet dancer, it keeps your hair up and out of your face making it much easier to do turns etc. I really like a simple low bun or to jazz it up a little I include a braid or twist etc. You can also have a nice clip or something to make it a bit different.

How to prepare:

  1. Do not worry if you get something wrong

If you struggle getting a certain move or get a combination wrong don’t worry! Class is all about practicing and practicing until you get it right! Some things just won’t come to you as quick as others but it’s a learning point and is good to make mistakes.

      2. Accept and take corrections on board

Whenever you get given a correction, this is always a good thing. Teachers will give you corrections to make you a better dancer. Something that I find handy to do is after every class is to write down any corrections I get in a little notebook or on your phone so that you can work on them!

      3.Don’t worry about other people

I think going to your first ever class can sometimes feel intimidating. But don’t worry if other people are watching you or one of the other girls can kick their leg higher than you. Just remember you are there for yourself, not other people 🙂

     4. Have fun! 

Don’t forget to just go any enjoy yourself! Try your best and have fun:)

Thank you very much for reading. I really hope those tips helped anyone who is knew to ballet and feels a bit anxious about their first lesson. If you ever have any questions or suggestions for future blog posts let me know! Have a lovely rest of your day, until next time.

Charlotte Norris Xx



4 thoughts on “Beginners ballet checklist. 

  1. Timothy Price

    While the other boys were playing baseball and football, my mom signed me up for dance when I was 8. It was cool, I did well, but then a disease in my knees that about crippled me ended my early dance ambitions. Three years later after eventually getting a diagnosis, surgery and a long rehabilitation, I was more interested in riding and racing motorcycles than dancing. But then, when I was 16 years old I started ballroom dance, and almost became a professional dancer when I was 18. I went to the university instead, but I have done various dance all my life, including taking ballet classes as an adult for the form. My daughter, who is tall like me, wears the same size shoes as I do. She has taken over (Vikinged) the last pair of ballet shoes I had. I wish you well with your dancing career.

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