Looking back on memories. 

Happy new year! I can’t believe that it’s 2017.

2016 just flew by and so much happened that its hard to write about everything just in one blog post.
In 2016, there was so much that I enjoyed and made so many amazing memories. Going on little holidays with my family, going to CYD (dance convention) with all my old dance buds,completing my GCSE’s, having a fabulous time getting all dressed up for prom, after prom, dance show with my old school, spending time with my friends, moving over the other side of the world,joining American high school, being in my first ever nutcracker and having a wonderful Christmas etc etc! It’s hard to put into words how many amazing things happened and I defiantly won’t be able to write about all of them. But I want to make a mention to my friends back in England who were such a big part of 2016! Anna Harley, Georgia Clarke and Rose Wilks. We spent 2016 trying to do as much as we could together before I moved and I can tell you we definitely did a lot! And I can’t forget all of the other girls however I don’t want to drag this out too much but you know who you are and I miss you all loads! Also my family who are just the best. We have moved all the way to America and I’m so grateful for them and everything they do for me.

I now start 2017 in a completely different country but I can not wait for all of the adverntures that are just waiting to happen. Who knows what can happened.

I hope you all have a fabulous 2017.

Charlotte Norris Xx


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