All about the nutcracker.

Today’s blog post is all about the fantastic Christmas ballet, The Nutcracker. Until now, I have never had the opportunity to be in The Nutcracker so when I found out I was cast to be a mouse and a supernumerary I was overwhelmed. Within the audition, I had the chance to be a mouse or a solider, both for the big battle scene. I did enjoy the role of the solider, however I found the mouse one much more fun! You may also be wondering what a supernumerary is, well in act 2 of the ballet, us supers sit around the stage and pretty much just look pretty by doing different poses while the professionals dance. The great about this role is you get to watch the whole of act 2 and wear an beautiful costume. The costume that I got chosen to have was the Arabian Corps which is this gorgeous orange dress, kind of like Bollywood style, with a tight waist and frilly bottoms. And how could I forget the mouse costume! You get a massive mouse head, the big frilly costume and a cute pink tail! Oh I do love it. But don’t worry, I will be making a blog post after it’s all over with pictures too.

So since a couple of months ago, we have been having rehearsals for the big show. They are so much fun! I have loved being able to be a mouse because the role is really fun how we get to be all mysterious and run away from the soldiers. Oh and i forgot to mention, near the end of the battle we get massive forks,knifes and spoons to run on stage and eat all of the cheese! How yummy! And also being able to watch all the professionals as a super makes my want to be a ballet dancer even more.
Well that is all I have to say so far, but i can not wait to perform this incredible ballet in front of 2,500 people (yeah that many!) But performing is my favorite thing to do! Keep your eyes out for another blog post in December all about my first Nutcracker.

Charlotte Norris Xx


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